It offers a set of services and activities which fulfil existing needs and interests, fostering an active participation within the life of the community and contributing to the rediscovery of new experiences.

The target group is people over 60 years of age, particularly those living in Carcavelos.


Law consultancy services
Psychology clinic


Geriatric Gymnastics
Happiness Workshop
Poetry lessons
Tours / Visits
Holiday Program

Social Assistance

Providing information about the existing measures in the field of ageing and the client’s placement and/or referral.

Guaranteeing the access to information deemed necessary in order to meet the client’s needs and expectations.
Ensuring the access to process facilitators regarding the activation of benefits and complementary subsidies (Social Security/ADSE/others); services registered with the Câmara Municipal de Cascais.

Intergenerational Projects

Throughout the year, the Centre works in articulation with the primary schools of the area.
By participating in the theatre group, the elderly pass on a little of their knowledge to the children.

Senior Space - Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

It is a set of activities and services for the Senior Population with autonomy, according to their needs and interests.

Who can benefit?

All persons aged 60 or over, residing in Carcavelos, as a preferential factor.

How do I sign up for Senior Space?

You should contact the CPCC via telephone, e-mail or in person and make an appointment with the Senior Space Coordinator.

When will you give me an answer?

Usually in 48h. If you exceed this time, you should make new contact with the Institution.

What activities and services are there?

In addition to a Social Canteen open to the Community you can enjoy the following activities: Computer classes; English classes ; Folklore; Theater ; Geriatric Gymnastics; Poetry classes; Happiness Workshop; Tours; Holidays; Theme Parties

What are my obligations?

Mark interview / attendance with Area Coordinator; pay the annuity for the frequency of activities as well as the respective monthly fee in certain activities; collaborate with the elements of the Senior Space in the measure of their interests and capacities, in a cordial and respectful way; observe the Internal Regulation of Senior Space.

How can I cancel the Senior Space frequency?

Through written communication or simply by oral information to the Area Coordinator.

Susana Martins

Susana Martins

For more information about the Senior Space contact the coordinator Susana Martins.


214 578 952