July and August


Animation project for children aged 6-12 during the holidays.

It seeks to offer an entertaining, formative and preventive environment where children can express themselves, become aware of their self-worth, foster their self-esteem and develop different skills.

Mornings are essentially dedicated to sports and physical activities (hockey, baseball, volleyball, football, basketball and dance) while the afternoons are centred on artistic expression exercises through different workshops (drawing, painting, plastic arts, ceramics, theatre and recycling) and environmental awareness activities.


There is also time for games and fun activities at the Quinta da Alagoa garden: when it’s very hot, children can keep cool by using a hose! They also have the opportunity to make new friends, relax and above all play, play and play.


Youth workers’ registrations for Porta Aberta
Until the 15th May, you can register on the Câmara Municipal de Cascais website; after that date, you can do so at the Community Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enroll my child in the Open Door?

Go to www.centrocomunitario.net in the summer activities tab, select “Porta Aberta”, fill in the form in its entirety and click on the submit button.

My postal code is 2775, but I live in Parede. Can I apply for Phase 1?

No. Only children who live in Carcavelos are considered in the first phase. Children residing in the Wall are in the 2nd phase.

What documents should be attached?

IRS from the previous year; CC of the double-sided child; proof of residence on behalf of the parent on the IRS, (in PDF format).

ATTENTION: Documents should all come in one go.

How do I know that the application form arrived well?

After submission you will receive a “Successfully submitted” message. After 2 working days you will be contacted by the Community Center through your reference email.

Should I have special care when filling out the form?
  • You should only register during your registration phase, otherwise your account will be invalidated and you will need to re-enroll at the right time.
  • You should pay close attention to the weeks you choose. There will be no change of weeks.
How do I process the payment?

After two business days, you will receive confirmation whether or not you have a vacancy. If so, you will be informed of the registration number, the step where you are inserted and the amount to be paid, as well as the IBAN where you will make the bank transfer.

How much time do I have to make the payment?

3 business days. After this period the subscription will be canceled.

PLEASE NOTE: the payment will only be validated after sending the proof of the transfer to the email: portaaberta@centrocomunitario.net . Do not forget to identify the child with the name or the registration number.

You will then receive the receipt in your email. Registration is complete.

How do you contact the Community Center?

Always via email preferably with the initial reference email.

Agostinho Velez

Agostinho Velez

Registrations Porta Aberta

Registrations are submitted by filling in an online form, which will be made available on this webpage.

Residents in Carcavelos must register between the 1st and 15th June; from the 16th June, registrations are open to the whole community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Email: geral@centrocomunitario.net
Phone: 214 578 952

Participation fee set by capitation. There are 4 ranks, the maximum cost per week is €20 (lunch not included).

You can bring food from home or have a full meal at the Centre.