The GIP is an employment support structure whose mission is the professional insertion or reinsertion of young people and adults who are unemployed or seek new professional opportunities, promoting their self-improvement, talents and continuous learning.

In close cooperation with the Employment Services – IEFP,
(Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P – Employment and Vocational Training Institute), we developed the following activities:

Providing personalised support to users in their active job search.

Presenting job offers.

Encaminhamento e colocação dos utentes nas ofertas disponíveis e adequadas.

Presenting job offers.
Referring and placing users in job offers which are available and deemed suitable.

Presenting employment support measures.

Encouraging participation in temporary jobs or volunteering.

Dissemination of community programmes promoting employment mobility and vocational training in the European area.


The GIP supports companies and/or individuals in the selection of new employees by:

Assisting human resources in completing needs assessments.

Pinpointing professionals who can collaborate with a given company.

Recruiting and selecting professionals who, in light of their skills, meet the job requirements.

Offering spaces for conducting interviews.

Offering training to workers.


Knowledge of and proximity to the candidates.

An innovative selection process based on the candidates’ development, lifelong learning and talents.

Local and global net.

Knowledge of each sector of activity thus enabling the recognition of specificities and the identification of the right talent for each job.


Based on the outplacement methodology, this programme is designed for professionals who wish to boost their career in the labour market.

We assist you in finding your placement through the definition of a strategic plan and the development of your skills during individual and personalised sessions.


Tool creation – Curriculum Vitae
Presentation/Motivation Letters/Spontaneous Application
Job Interview

Duration: 4 sessions of 1h30 each
Timetable: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m
Registration: Free
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Choose the future which fits best with your profile

The Emprega-te is a mutual help group ran by the technician Rita Almeida and other guests active in the field of employment in collaboration with the participants.

It is designed for people who are unemployed or in between projects, and aims to achieve the following goals:

Promoting contact and mutual help in active job search or project development.

Exchanging life experiences.

Developing self-knowledge.

Exchanging tools and unveiling individual capacities in overcoming difficulties.

Tackling isolation, frustration and discouragement through mutual help dynamics and an identification model.

Fostering a creative and positive space.

Duration: 3 months
Timetable: Tuesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Registration Fee: 10€
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The goal is to support local entrepreneurs who wish to be self-employed while also promoting their skills and knowledge.

Taking into account whether the business ideas are viable or not, our mission, in phase 1, is to assess the following:

The stage of the business idea (initial or advanced);

The adequacy and feasibility of the project;

The entrepreneur’s know-how and profile.

Phase 2:

Identification and promotion of ideas and businesses;

Optimisation of the business plan;

Economic and financial viability;

Identification of the main risks.

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This training was created with the aim of developing and sharing skills with professionals who work in the fields of domestic care services or any other person who is interested in this occupational area.


Personal and professional skills;

Food hygiene and disinfection;

Cooking workshop;


Laundry and ironing;

House hygiene;

Delivering care to the elderly;

Child carers.

Duration: 50 hours

It is possible to attend all modules or just a few.

Inscrição: Free for the unemployed.
This training may also be taken by people who work for entities/individuals.

For more information about employee registration and training costs, please contact:

Initiatives and training
Sara Portugal

Sara Portugal
Técnica do GIP

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